About the Pathfinders

Who are the Pathfinders?

Boys and girls aged between 10 and 15 years, from different social classes, color, or religion. Flock once a week to learn how to develop talents, skills, perceptions and taste for nature.

Vibrate with outdoor activities. Like camping, hiking, climbing, holdings in the forests and caves. They know outdoor cooking, making fire without phosphorus. Demonstrated ability to discipline through united order, and have awakened the creativity in the arts manuals. Fight, too, the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

Working in a team always trying to be useful to the community. Provide also help in disasters and actively participate in community campaigns to help people in need. In everything they do try to develop love for God and country and, moreover, make many friends!

The Pathfinder Club is present in more than 160 countries, with 90,000 seats and more than two million participants. There officially since 1950 as an official program of the Adventist Church of the 7th Day.

Boys and girls of any religious faith can join us in this movement that takes diversity, colorful youthful energy.