About the Adventurers

Who are the Adventurers?

It was in 1972 that the Adventist Church Seventh-day tried for the first time, a special program for children under ten years. This happened in Washington (USA), under the direction of Carolee Riegel.

In 1975, another association (the Northeast - USA) held a program focused on this particular group, and five years later, several associations were already following these pioneering examples. The idea gained strength and was copied in many other places.

In 1988, North American Division invited interested associations and specialists in children to study the formalization of the Adventurers Club. (In some places already used this name).

A committee met, a year later (1989) to update the curriculum, specialties and establish standards for the organization and operation of the Club. Participara¬m this work leaders Sabbath School Children, educators, Ministry of Child coordinators (the Unions and Associations), and other family experts and child education.

In the same year (1989), the General officiated Classes of Adventurers Association (Beehive laborious, Luminaries, builders and helping hands), confirming the work done by Teresa Reeve. She wrote the curriculum of adventurers in order to "facilitate the child share their faith, to prepare for this life and eternal life."

In 1990, the master plan of the Adventurers Club was started in the United States, the North American Division.

In 1991, the General Conference authorized him, as a global program, establishing goals, curriculum, flag, uniform and ideals.

This is the portion of the story that others have written.

A part, not yet reported, this story will happen (or is already happening) there, in your local church - in fact, they are the most relevant chapters of it, from their point of view and from the point of view of their children.